103 Steps

A rare opportunity to visit a private garden in Great Brak River

Candles are lit along the route in the garden, and the public is invited to come and share in the experience on the first Wednesday of every month.

"103 Steps is a labyrinth of life: ever-changing thought patterns, observing something new and different with each step, in every turn, leaving no footprints, and feeling ever humble once you have passed through. It is a work in progress. Its concept is personal expression through physical doing. It was constructed from nothing – without plan – of waste material, and discarded plants nurtured back to life."

In December 2011 the garden was open to the public for the first time. In 2013 the public was invited to come and participate in a meditation walk that took place in the Garden as part of Proe Mosselbaai. In January 2014, the idea of a small 20-seat grass amphitheatre was set in motion, and the first event here, a Port, Picnic and Poetry Evening, took place during Proe Mosselbaai 2014.

On offer

  • Private garden
  • Intimate amphitheatre


  • 103 Steps
  • Laurinda Smit
  • Street address: 146 Sandhoogtepad, Great Brak River
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 044 6203144
  • Mobile: 083 73 88011
  • Fax: 044 6203144


  • First Wednesday of every month
  • Summer months 19:45 – 20:15; Winter months 17:45 – 18:15



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