International School of Sand Art - Aussie Eybers

“I paint a variety of subjects - portraits to wildlife, scenery, industrial paintings and more – using natural colours of sand applied to canvas, glass or stone with a pallet knife and brushes” – Aussie Eybers”

“I study the history, techniques and relevant information about sand art. I also develop new techniques, create original sand paintings, and exhibit and market sand paintings around the world.”

Sand painting is historic: it’s been done over centuries in many countries. Priests, medicine men and many others used sand a variety of surfaces - either as a paint on its own or mixed with plant material.

Sand is colourful: I use only natural colours – although I do grind some semi-precious stones for their brighter colours. 

Visit my studio: When you book a visit to my studio, ask about a demonstration of sand painting techniques – I can arrange one for you at no cost.

On offer

  • Sand art paintings
  • Sand art demonstrations


  • Aussie Eybers
  • International School of Sand Art
  • Web site:
  • Street address: 17 Margaret Street West, Hersham, Great Brak River
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 044 620 2711
  • Mobile: 082 496 5392


  • By appointment only – open from 08:00 daily


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