Azur Creations

Mary Hasse of Azur Creations is dedicated to her art, her beadwork and her shells – so much so, in fact, that she’s got two studios in the Craft Art Workshop.

“I love my work – I make costume jewellery and anything else that you can make out of beads, shells, gemstones, and pearls – things like lamps, wind chimes, and even beaded curtains. From my background as an image consultant (I was the top in South Africa for ‘Colour me Beautiful’), I have an innate sense of design that I bring to everything that I do.

“And I love people. I love working with them, and training them.

“My workshop is always open to visitors, and besides my own work, I also sell beads and beading accessories – and I’m available for orders and special commissions.

“Out of my creative hand I give a piece of my soul to you.”

Feature List

On Offer


  • Unique handmade jewellery - one of a kind design
  • Costume jewellery
  • Beadwork and all items needed for DIY beading
  • Beads and semi-precious stones
  • Collectable shells, shell jewellery, and shell chandeliers
  • Wind chimes, lamps, decorative glass
  • Crochet and knitwear
  • Alterations and revamps of existing pieces
  • Same day service where possible


Mary Hasse
Telephone +27(0)44 691 1763

Cell: 082 559 6361

Email: [email protected]