Bradley Michaels

Bradley produces some of the funnest, most colourful paintings you’re likely to see in South Africa.

Bradley Michaels is a contemporary multi-mix artist. He paints African art, Township comedy and abstract faces.

“The township is a fascinating place, but it does have bad elements. I remove the barriers that people find there, and I replace them with colour. Through my work, I show the other side of township life – the side you might not see. Just because a person lives in a shack doesn’t mean that they have to be unhappy all the time. People can be happy in difficult circumstances, and that’s why I use colour – to show that happiness.

"When people buy my work, they take home something good: an art piece that tells a good story about Africa and her people." 



On Offer

  • Township art & comedy
  • 3D tin can art
  • Contemporary township animals
  • Landscapes
  • Abstract faces
  • Saartjie Baartman paintings
  • 3D fridge magnets & township cards
  • Driftwood mirrors
  • Bradley will accept commissions and bulk orders




Bradley Michaels
Telephone +27(0)44 691 1763
[email protected]