Corinne Smit Design Studio

"Unique and exclusive are probably the best words to describe my work. I design according to aesthetics, functionality and uniqueness" - Corinne Smit

Corinne Smit Design Studio (CS Design Studio) is the platform where my creative passion, gifts and talents come together to work on projects big and small to offer the clients a fresh and unique creative touch.

INTERIOR DESIGN: When I design, I create digital versions of your proposed living spaces so that you can see what the finished product will look like.

FURNITURE & FITTINGS I also custom design unique and exclusive furniture and fittings. This includes lighting, furniture, murals, art installations - basically anything unique and exclusive that you require to make your living space unique.

My creative back-ground has given me a good knowledge of design and fabrication in various areas of the performing, fine arts and creative arts industry.

As a graphic designer and product designer I have the practical experience of working with clients, designers, directors, choreographers, suppliers and manufacturers. I am also experienced in project management, styling and designing, and I’m meticulous and dead-line orientated.

OTHER VENUES: You can see a selection of my work at The Memory Box, 94 Long Street, Great Brak River.

On offer

  • Design, manufacture & project management
  • Contemporary interior design & décor
  • Custom designed furniture & accessories
  • Art installations
  • Light Screen Room-Divider: a remote-controlled light fitting and room-divider in one
  • Cute-o-Man: a remote-controlled light, ottoman and side-table in one
  • Cone Light - a bedside lamp and alternative option for the Christmas Tree



By appointment only