Elaine Schraader

“Whatever I paint is personal and every painting a learning process.” - Elaine Schraader

Elaine Schraader’s works hang in private collections all over the world.  Her subject matter includes portraits of women, people in landscapes, and still lives, and she prefers painting in acrylics - usually on canvas or board. She’s also an illustrator, having recently completed a series for a  book of poems (‘In Search of the Fifth Element,’ published in Australia in 2011) by the orthopaedic surgeon, the late Dr. Franscois Bruere.

Elaine enjoys coordinating and hosting private get-togethers with fellow artists to discuss art on the Studio Deck at Picasso’s Studio & Gallery.

“Emotive and emotional female portraits – a result of my early childhood years at the Loretta Convent, where I was taught moral values and a keen sense of observation to appreciate the soft candlelight images of life

“Painting a picture is like giving birth to a soul mate. Whatever I paint is personal and every painting is a learning process. Energy, sensitivity, emotion, color, composition, texture and brushstrokes all play a part.

“Sometimes it amazes and sometime it amuses, but always satisfies.

“I am passionate about life and enjoy doing what I love most - creating. I have a lot of energy and I try to paint every day

“I enjoy acrylic as it’s quick drying, and I love the texture that dry brush creates.” - Elaine Schraader .

On offer

  • Acrylic paintings (portraits of women, people in landscapes, still lives) on canvass and on board
  • Artists gatherings on the Studio Deck at Picasso’s Studio & Gallery for a maximum of 10 people at a time.



  • 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily


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