“I’ve always been passionate about glass and the possibilities of creating beautiful art objects from the fantastic ranges of colours and textures of glass” – Henk du Plessis

Henk designs and manufactures lampshades, and stained- and leaded glass panels (for example for windows or doors), and creates warm glass objets d’art by fusing and slumping, and using electric kilns and flame working.

He also accepts commissions, and undertakes restoration/

“Although glass tends to be very harsh and unforgiving in nature, a successful final product makes it all very satisfying and worthwhile in the end.

“My personal motto has always been - and still is – ‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’.”

On offer

  • Tiffany Lampshades
  • Stained- and leaded glass panels
  • Warm glass objets d’art
  • Tuition



  • This studio is open by appointment only.


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