Learn to draw!

“Drawing is a skill that can be learned by anyone with average eyesight and average eye-hand coordination.

“I’ve been teaching art for more than twenty years to individuals of widely ranging ages and occupations.

“The exercises in my art course have been designed for people who cannot draw at all, who may feel they have little or no talent for drawing, and who may feel doubtful that they could ever learn to draw – but might like to learn.

“Almost without exception, the students achieve a high level of skill in drawing, and gain confidence to go on developing their expressive drawing skills in further art classes.

“Art is therapeutic – it’s a great stress reliever. The ability to draw depends on the ability to see the way the artist sees – and it’s helpful to remember that reading and writing aren’t taught just in order to produce poets and writers, but rather to improve thinking skills.” – Pearl van Den Berg

Pearl van den Berg: “I’m motivated by the artist within me – I feel horrible when I don’t do art.”

Pearly-Anne Art Studio is run by Pearl and her daughter, Annerien van den Berg.


On Offer

  • Art classes (pencil drawing, oil painting, acrylics, water colours, pastels)
  • Crafts classes (mosaic, fabric painting, card making, decoupage, pewter work)
  • Art supplies (paints, easels, etc.)
  • Paintings, cards, gifts, etc. for sale