Spies Venter

"Art as a journey of continual discovery" – Spies Venter

My father’s dire prediction was that I would end up in the gutter; on my way to the gutter there were my studies, teaching and lecturing art; honoured along the way with a couple of overseas scholarships.

My travels set up memorable interactions that opened my eyes and mind to the incredible possibilities available to me as an young artist. Influenced by many of those artists to this day, I am drawing on that inspiration. At 80 years of age, it’s been a fulfilling journey.

I create my work with a variety of approaches and styles, and have always, or mostly, done so. This I feel is the adventure of art.

When I look analytically at what I have done and am doing, I do see growth, patterns, and tendencies, which can be considered modern versions of styles that have persisted through the entire history of art.

Some people consider me ‘earthy’ - if that means I am impulsive, able to be myself, express who I am, not hold back, be spontaneous, then they’re right.

I run a successful art school in Great Brak River, in a spacious area which doubles up as my art gallery.

The mediums in which I work are:

  • Oils on canvas
  • Drawings and mixed media
  • Sculpture

On offer

  • Fine art
  • Art classes & instruction



  • Viewing by appointment only
  • Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays