Spinning Cup Coffee Shop

“We love catering and cooking but we also love our handcrafts.”

Therese Rhoode and Wilhelmina Alexander’s bright, sunny coffee shop is the entertainment centre of the Craft Art Workshop - but it’s also a treasure box of fine hand-made soft furnishings, and traditional cloth dolls and Teddy bears.

“We’re also involved in training, and we’re passing our skills on to the younger generation.”

Make sure you make time to relax in the Spinning Cup Coffee Shop next time you visit!

On offer

  • Coffee & tea
  • Light lunches
  • Cakes & scones
  • Table cloths, overlays & napkins
  • Cloth dolls & soft toys
  • Teddy bears
  • Knitted work
  • Patchwork Christmas trees


The menu varies from day to day – depending on what’s in season. But here’s a taste of what you can expect:

Lunch of the day – always a surprise! And only R 15.00 a plate.
Chocolate, carrot, or vanilla cake
Traditional melktert
Scones with jam and cheese
Muffins with jam and cheese
Coffee, cappuccino, or café latte
Rooibos, English or African blend tea


Therese Rhoode
Mobile: +27(0)73 014 1445
Wilhelmina Alexander
Craft Art Workshop: +27(0)44 691 1761