Taj Virdi

“Always happy to meet you,” Taj Virdi concentrates on 3-D township paintings and collages – many of which are small enough to fit comfortably into the traveller’s luggage.

“I’ve been an artists since I was a small child. This is not something I started a few years ago: I painted all through my childhood, and I completed my course at the college of fine arts.

“Then I started working full time, working in construction and sales – but my life was up and down, up and down – until I decided to spend all my time doing my art.

“And now I’m loving it.

“In this art business, you have to specialise a little; you need to explore your subject fully.”


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On offer

  • Paintings
  • 3-D Township art
  • Sunsets
  • Seascapes


+27 (0)73 880 4419
[email protected]